New Workshops for the New Year: Personal Odyssey & Travel Writing for POC


My policy is that if someone asks me to do something (professionally) that I’ve never done, like say, get on stage and tell a story live that lasts exactly 10 minutes, meaning that it’s rehearsed but sounds like it’s not, SAY YES (and figure out how later)!


So after debuting Thursday at La Peña’s TMI Storytelling hosted by comedienne Gina Gold, and releasing my first e-book through Shebooks, and teaching my first private on-line course this fall, I’m on to my newest new ventures:

(1) I’ll be teaching my popular, generative writing course, Your Personal Odyssey: Explore & Tell Your Story (starting January 28), as part of the always-sold-out, Best of the Bay San Francisco Writers’ Grotto line-up.

(2) This summer I’ll be piloting the first weeklong Travel Writing Workshop for People of Color (applications due March 1, 2014; workshop June 22-28 in Berkeley, CA) as part of VONA/Voices’s exciting new expansion!

And by travel writing, I mean any genre of writing concerned with cultural encounters or physical journeys: moving back and forth between language and culture, roots tales, road trips, moving from working to middle class, immigrant narratives, Gap Years, leaving home, dropping out of college, spiritual quests, the road to recovery, to name a few.

VONA logo

It’s getting to be that time of year! What new thing do you resolve to try in 2014?


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  1. What a great update. Faith, you have no idea how disappointed I was to find out I couldn’t ask for you for my tutorial. Hint: extremely. Best wishes, Luanne (of the bomb shelter)

    • Thanks, Luanne! I’m pretty (no, extremely) bad at updating my blog/website (a little better at Facebook and Twitter, utterly hopeless at Linked In – too many options!), so it’s heartwarming to know that someone other than my mom is reading when I do! 😉 How goes the writing?

      • Yup, I am reading it! the writing is going pretty well–as in, I feel as if I am moving forward and have most of the scenes written but I don’t get enough time to write. Typical complaint, I’m sure. And, yeah, LinkedIn is way too complicated.

  2. Hi, І check your new stuff regularly. Your humoristic style is
    witty, keep it up!

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