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Empowering Those Who Empower Others

Rushed through the detritus of last night’s Nigerian party to make my Skype consult with a new writing client who’s doing amazing work in West Africa. “You get it!” she cried, and I was equally inspired. It’s such a joy helping folks telling important stories find their structure and voice!

Grotto Class Screenshot

Only 9 days left to register for  Your Personal Odyssey: Explore & Tell Your Story with Faith Adiele (1/28-3/11)!

Life is Never Dull in a Multiculti Marriage


O: Good morning, my distinguished wife!

Me: ‘Morning, husband! Where’s my downstairs morning kiss?

O: I can’t, my mouth is…foaming.

Me: Are you rabid?

O: No…so what do you call it when you first wake up? It’s not foaming? Me MIT, only know numbers; you Harvard, know words.

Me: Very funny. Why are you looking like that and patting my face? Is it the rabies?

O: I’m trying to be lovely! Or is it loving?

Me: In this case, it is both. Like an equation.

O: Ha! Math!


2 Weeks to Register for Writing Workshop


Do your friends always say you should write about your life? Do you have family stories or travel journals you’d like to tackle? Does your writing project need a shot in the arm? My generative exercises are a low-pressure way to keep that New Year’s resolution to make more time for your writing. Only 2 more weeks to register for Your Personal Odyssey: Explore & Tell Your Story, a 6-week workshop at the San Francisco Writers Grotto.