April Fool’s? Our Anniversary?


When O turned up at my birthday brunch – uninvited – 23 years ago in Boston, I thought, “If we end up together, what a great first meeting story to tell our kids!” Turns out, it was our third time meeting.


When we started dating, I thought, “If ever end up marrying a Nigerian man, this is the one!” Turns out, he had a job in California and moved soon after.


Since then, we’ve dated every decade. Some of you might remember the Great PowerPoint Presentation of 2009, when he flew to Pittsburgh to plead his case with assorted documents.


Then, a year ago on a joint birthday trip to Costa Rica, he “proposed” so badly I nearly threw him from the bus. He tried again. I nearly threw myself from the bus. He tried again. I workshopped the proposal.


He spent the afternoon writing it out in a travelers’ notebook I keep at my bedside and finally got it right…on Easter…in a Catholic country. The next day, our final one in Costa Rica, was April Fool’s Day. We got married on the beach, then took the lawyer who arranged it and his son to dinner.


Happy One-Year Anniversary/April Fool’s Day, my husband!ImageImage!Image


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