SheBooks Publication Party and E-Book Salon!


What a dilemma for Oakland ladies! Tomorrow’s Oakland Internet Cat Video Fest


is up against the all-digital Shebooks Publication Party and E-Book Salon, a house party that asks invitees to Bring their Kindles, their Nooks, their iPads and iPhones. Bring their laptops too, and we’ll all cozy up for a celebratory reading & party for SheBooks, including a downloading contest with fabulous prizes. Wine and cheese and other victuals! 


Really excited to read with these authors, including SheBooks founder/editor Laura Fraser. Guests will then be able to download ebooks on the spot (at a mere $2.99 a pop)!

Susan Ito, The Mouse Room
Faith Adiele, Lady Problems
Laura Fraser (founder of Shebooks!), The Risotto Guru
Ariel Gore, Confessions of a Reluctant Caregiver
Barbara Graham, Camp Paradox
Meghan Ward, Runway


Where do you stand / sit / roll around?

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