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Well, we’ve found the antidote: Study finds being exposed to Buddhist concepts reduces prejudice!


Study finds being exposed to Buddhist concepts reduces prejudice and increases prosociality

In 3 separate experiments, researchers from Belgium and Taiwan have found that being exposed to Buddhist concepts can undermine prejudice towards others and lead to increased prosocial behavioral intentions.

Buddhism contains a variety of teachings and practices – such as meditation – intended to help individuals develop a more open-minded and compassionate personality. Unlike the 3 dominant monotheistic religions, it does not draw a sharp line between believers and unbelievers.

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“Unlike Christian and other monotheistic religious systems that paradoxically seem to encourage not only prosociality but also prejudice, Buddhist ideas favor both prosociality and outgroup tolerance, and these ideals seem particularly efficient (in leading to action) for people with relevant personality dispositions.”

I love how Western “science” keeps “proving” what Eastern philosophy has been teaching for centuries. True fusion!

It’s a Kwanzaa miracle! No longer an Octoroon.


My VONA and Mixed Remixed Festival pal Mat Johnson, whose latest novel is out next week, has an essay in The New York Times Magazine, “Proving My Blackness,” on testing his racial DNA.

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NEWS FLASH! – Retiring Cinema Owner To Give Away The Place + $20,000!


If my love for the San Francisco Bay Area didn’t trump my love for cinema, I’d passionately throw my hat into this wacky ring at the opportunity to run a seaside cinema in the town where my Finnish foremothers first lived in America.

Cape Ann Community Cinema

Hello Future Movie Mogul,

I opened the living-room-style Cape Ann Community Cinema in historic Gloucester, Massachusetts in 2008. I designed it to be a resource for the residents of Boston’s North Shore to not only have a comfortable and welcoming place in which to appreciate great films, but also as a means by which to offer access to filmmakers and their process. In the 7 years during which we as a community have built the place up to become the premiere arthouse cinema on the North Shore, we have shown over 1,500 films, hosted hundreds of filmmakers, launched a thoroughly modern performance stage, and given over 100,000 guests a filmgoing experience that serves as a high standard by which all other nights out at the movies are now judged.

I have been in the movie business for nearly 30 years. I started out in high school as a clerk in…

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