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Talking to my husband, a guy



O (gets off the phone): So that was this guy.

Me: “This guy” who?

O: This Nigerian guy.

Me: Should I guess which of the 160 million?

O: This guy, this guy! The one who watches my equipment in Nigeria. Very, extremely honest guy! For a Nigerian. So, you know this guy said my equipment’s been moving.

Me: The guy who watches it said that?

O: No! My neighbor! I talked to him the other day. He said, ‘O yeah, I’ve been noticing that the small machine is moving about!’ So I wanted to talk to this guy and just see if he mentioned it.

Me: So did this guy who works for you mention it?

O: O, yeah! He said this guy had been trying to rent the stuff for peanuts, but I know the guy has money. See, this guy built a big, extremely huge hotel; big! But he’ll come crying, ‘O, I don’t have money-o! Dash me-o!’

Me: Which guy?

O: Lis-ten, now! I’m telling you. This hotel guy. Very extremely rich guy. I know the guy. He said he took the machine for 2 days, and he only paid this guy for one. But my guy checked the logs, and the machine was out for 6 days! Shah, Nigerians!

Me: So, if you know the guy, can you pressurize him to pay?

O: Which guy?

Me: Seriously?

O: O. I guess my stories have a lot of “this guy”s.