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Exciting New Developments in My Food Writing Class!


Virginia Miller, who just became the SF/Bay Area Editor for Zagat, will stop by to share her amazing journey from starting her blog, The Perfect Spot…Your San Francisco Revealed (named Best Blog for Travelers by The Guardian), as a hobby during her day job, to freelancing for Spoonwiz, to becoming a full-time food and drink writer and editor, writing three articles a day and attending 5 to 6 major restaurant openings a week!


Lunch will be provided by award-winning director, writer, creative consultant & restauranteur Ellen Sebastian Chang, known for her work with Whoopi Goldberg and Amara Tabor Smith, among others, and for the live cooking/coming-of-age play, “Your Place Is No Longer With Us.” Ms Chang will talk about the writing/food life and provide a lunch designed for us from the restaurant she started with her husband, the acclaimed FuxeBOX, West Oakland’s self-proclaimed “smallest food and drink spot,” which was funded via Kickstarter and serves soul/Seoul food.



The one-day workshop, What We Talk About When We Talk About Food: Food Lit with Faith Adiele (Saturday, 5/31), is now also a Meet-up!