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Well, we’ve found the antidote: Study finds being exposed to Buddhist concepts reduces prejudice!


Study finds being exposed to Buddhist concepts reduces prejudice and increases prosociality

In 3 separate experiments, researchers from Belgium and Taiwan have found that being exposed to Buddhist concepts can undermine prejudice towards others and lead to increased prosocial behavioral intentions.

Buddhism contains a variety of teachings and practices – such as meditation – intended to help individuals develop a more open-minded and compassionate personality. Unlike the 3 dominant monotheistic religions, it does not draw a sharp line between believers and unbelievers.

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“Unlike Christian and other monotheistic religious systems that paradoxically seem to encourage not only prosociality but also prejudice, Buddhist ideas favor both prosociality and outgroup tolerance, and these ideals seem particularly efficient (in leading to action) for people with relevant personality dispositions.”


I love how Western “science” keeps “proving” what Eastern philosophy has been teaching for centuries. True fusion!