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It’s a Kwanzaa miracle! No longer an Octoroon.


My VONA and Mixed Remixed Festival pal Mat Johnson, whose latest novel is out next week, has an essay in The New York Times Magazine, “Proving My Blackness,” on testing his racial DNA.

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Big Steps, Baby Steps in a Multiculti Marriage


A lighter moment, against the backdrop of the NYT’s account of the tragic effects of Nigeria’s new anti-gay law

Me: I saw X and Y Friday; they say hi.

O: Ah, we should’ve invited those guys to our Nigerian party.

Me: No way – the very next day your relation was in all the papers supporting Nigeria’s new anti-gay law!

O: I just think it’s time for people to face their fears. When I first arrived from Nigeria, I was homophobic, because I hadn’t been exposed. Nigerians need to learn how to deal with it.

Me: I agree, but I don’t feel comfortable inviting friends over if we can’t guarantee that someone won’t say something – or shake a bible over them.

O: If that happens, I don’t have any problem taking someone aside and asking him to leave.

Me: You’d throw a member of your clan out of your house? For real?

O: Oh yeah! And there’s no coming to The Back. In fact, I’m gonna start telling my people – don’t drink and come out to the back patio and start muttering about “Effing gays.” I’ll tell them, “This is a multiracial, multi-ethnic, multi-gender…what else? Multi-orientation household! No room for hate.”

Me: Wow, I married the best Nigerian ever!

O: And I married the best … what are you? The best Nordic-Igbo!

Me: Yeah, about that. What’s up with all the Igbo jokes your people make?

O: Uh, no time. I’ve got to go to work, my sweetheart!