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I Got the Part – To Play Me!


I’m so excited to get into the studio and start recording for powerhouse Audible, home of the largest selection of digital audiobooks! I’ll be playing the part of…me.


Yes, by sending in clips of Tavis Smiley interviewing me on his show and me interviewing Chimamanda Adichie for the L.A. Public Library’s amazing ALOUD series, I successfully auditioned to read my own memoir, the best-title-ever Shebook, THE NIGERIAN NORDIC GIRL’S GUIDE TO LADY PROBLEMS.

F&C On-Stage ALOUD Tavis Smiley

Sorry to @thandienewton and all the other lovely biracial African actresses I dreamed would play me!

half-of-a-yellow-sun-thandie SheBooks Watch and Wait cover

Shebooks Shebang (5/23)!


Shebooks Shebang!

All proceeds from the Shebooks Shebang go to “Equal Writes,” our Kickstarter campaign to publish women writers. $20 or a Kickstarter contribution at the door. RSVP now; space is limited!

SheBooks Publication Party and E-Book Salon!


What a dilemma for Oakland ladies! Tomorrow’s Oakland Internet Cat Video Fest


is up against the all-digital Shebooks Publication Party and E-Book Salon, a house party that asks invitees to Bring their Kindles, their Nooks, their iPads and iPhones. Bring their laptops too, and we’ll all cozy up for a celebratory reading & party for SheBooks, including a downloading contest with fabulous prizes. Wine and cheese and other victuals! 


Really excited to read with these authors, including SheBooks founder/editor Laura Fraser. Guests will then be able to download ebooks on the spot (at a mere $2.99 a pop)!

Susan Ito, The Mouse Room
Faith Adiele, Lady Problems
Laura Fraser (founder of Shebooks!), The Risotto Guru
Ariel Gore, Confessions of a Reluctant Caregiver
Barbara Graham, Camp Paradox
Meghan Ward, Runway